I am in a great place.

J. Minnis

1. What results have you achieved (i.e., weight loss, inches, medical, personal)?

I weighed in at 248 and my pants size was 44 and my shirt size 2X. My A1C level was 9. My food choices, and lack of nutritious foods, weight and diabetes had me worrying about what I could do to be better and knowing that I needed a LIFESTYLE change for me and my family.

A group of friends and family ran into Coach KENYA through a friend that had amazing results through her program. My group just wanted a kickstart (30-day challenge). Coach worked with us as individuals.

We all had different needs.

2. Where are you now?

30 days later I am in a great place. We got in the kitchen and learned about proteins, healthy carbs/fats and how to plate food for weight loss and how to food prep a couple times each week. The exercise was hard but was the push I needed. It was not about lifting the heaviest weight it was more about using your own body weight for fat loss and results.

My 30-day weigh in is 234 pounds. My A1C is 6.7. My waist went from 44 to 40 and my shirt size is large or 1X depending on the cut.

3. What has been your biggest achievement thus far in the program? Name more than 1 if applicable.

Weight loss, great food choices and learning more about how food works in my body, A1C down to 6.7 and feeling better overall.

4. Where are you now?

I am in a great place. Exercising more, trying new foods, encouraging others like co-workers and family to eat healthier, meal prepping (sometimes) and enjoying life more.