Interested in detoxifying your body. The Detox will vary depending on your LIFESTYLE and individual goals. Choose from 3 to 30 days cleanses. Coach KENYA will give you options based on your individual needs via FB Group this PROGRAM IS AVAILABLE EVERY OCTOBER FOR 30 DAYS.YOU WILL DROP WEIGHT AND INFLAMMATION FROM THE BODY. THIS IS A TOTAL RESET BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS. AND IS NOT INTENDED FOR LONG TERM WEIGHT LOSS.SIGN UP STARTS SEPT 1ST.


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This is great first step in getting acquainted with all your LIFE GOALS fitness, nutrition, career, relationship, education etc. Here you will learn the concepts of extreme time blocking and how to make your life work for you. With the help of your CHHC you will set goals and be given the tools to reach them. These powerful weekly 1-hour sessions connect the dots between behaviors that have been standing in the way of your success. Allowing you to explore SUSTAINABLE changes that lead to the life of your dreams.

INVESTMENT - 6 sessions 1,200.00 – 12 sessions 2,400.00

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On the go professionals that desire to eat right but do not have the time love this plan. This pre planned service offers people meals delivered to their home or workplace. You can order for the week or month. Oh yeah – did I mention the food taste great!

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Live Healthy Cooking Events

Gone are the days of celebrating with processed and fried foods that inflame your body, cause weight gain and make you look and feel awful days after the party has ended. Coach KENYA has developed tasty healthy menu items that play off our favorite dishes. You and Coach KENYA will pick and plan the details of your event. Whether it is an intimate one on one setting or a small group. Cucumber Martini - Anyone?

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Corporate Events

BODY DIVINE provides Workplace Wellness Programs to large and small groups, Churches, Corporations, and Municipalities. Wellness workshops are trending as companies are looking to build a healthier workforce and increase productivity. Sessions are customized to meet your needs. Coach KENYA offers live cook shows, book talks, seminars/webinars/workshops, and meet & eat events.

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Book Talks

Learn More about the book by navigating to the Videos tab starting at "How to Get Your Kids Started on the Right Foot to Health" where Coach KENYA talks on CBS Chicago about tips from her book.

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Cooking Classes

Stay tuned to learn more about Coach KENYA's cooking classes for beginners (101), intermediate (102), and advanced (103).

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Food Prep and Macros Classes

Not ready to work out? Here you will learn what macros are as well as how and what to meal prep in order to optimize your weight loss. This package works well if you have your own workout routine or you’re just not ready to start moving in a traditional program. Nutrition-only packages are very affordable, and journaling and weekly weigh-ins keep you accountable.

1 session $199.00, 2 sessions $299.00, 6 sessions $699.00 *plus the cost of food *sessions 1.5 hours

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Personal Testimonials - J. MINNIS


ISSUE – Diabetes, belly fat, weight loss

PROGRAM – 30 day Personal Challenge

1. What results have you achieved (i.e., weight loss, inches, medical, personal)?

I weighed in at 248 and my pants size was 44 and my shirt size 2X. My A1C level was 9. My food choices, and lack of nutritious foods, weight and diabetes had me worrying about what I could do to be better and knowing that I needed a LIFESTYLE change for me and my family.

A group of friends and family ran into Coach KENYA through a friend that had amazing results through her program. My group just wanted a kickstart (30-day challenge). Coach worked with us as individuals.

We all had different needs.

2. Where are you now?

30 days later I am in a great place. We got in the kitchen and learned about proteins, healthy carbs/fats and how to plate food for weight loss and how to food prep a couple times each week. The exercise was hard but was the push I needed. It was not about lifting the heaviest weight it was more about using your own body weight for fat loss and results.

My 30-day weigh in is 234 pounds. My A1C is 6.7. My waist went from 44 to 40 and my shirt size is large or 1X depending on the cut.

3. What has been your biggest achievement thus far in the program? Name more than 1 if applicable.

Weight loss, great food choices and learning more about how food works in my body, A1C down to 6.7 and feeling better overall.

4. Where are you now?

I am in a great place. Exercising more, trying new foods, encouraging others like co-workers and family to eat healthier, meal prepping (sometimes) and enjoying life more.

CORPORATE Testimonials

1. What service was provided to your company? (Group lecture series, keynote speaker, corporate health workshop, customer service workshop, etc.).

Coach KENYA provided our group of over four thousand Home Health Workers with Corporate workshops on Aging Populations Health and Best Practices, Workplace Wellness and Global Customer Service.

2. Did the Speaker achieve the intended goal? Explain.

Coach KENYA did an outstanding job engaging the audience. Our field staff can be rambunctious. We wanted our field staff to better understand Death & Dying in the aging population. I thought it was brilliant how Coach KENYA changed to subject to LIFE & LIVING and the correlation between Healthy Lifestyle as a preventative measure. Her visuals and presentation are memorable.

3. What did you like most about the presentation?

The presentation was relatable to the entire group and commanded their attention. The group was inspired and wanted more information. That says a lot.

4. Would you invite this presenter back?

Yes, we were very pleased with her presentation, and we got a lot of positive feedback from field staff and home health workers and our corporate office.

Personal Testimonials - T. SWEET


ISSUE – Healthy Eating, Toning, Weight Loss

PROGRAM – 3 Month Transformation Program

1. What results have you achieved (i.e., weight loss, inches, medical, personal)?

I have achieved weight loss and a big loss of inches and better food decisions. Coach KENYA told me in the very beginning that would likely lose more inches than weight because I was not super heavy. She was right I lost over 20 inches I am amazed to see how differently my clothes fit.

2. Where were you before starting BODY DIVINE?

I was 161 and making terrible food choices. I also like to drink with friends Coach taught me how to still drink and keep yourself in FAT BURN she also encouraged me to pick my poison.

3. What has been your biggest achievement thus far in the program? Name more than 1 if applicable.

I went out of town for a week during the program and when I returned, I had lost more weight due to Coach KENYA teaching me how to make the best food and alcohol choices.

4. Where are you now?

I am 148 and making better food choices. I know what foods sit in my body and which keep me in BURN. I wear a small not medium and I am around a 30/32 waist *VS* a 36 in the waist. I look and feel like myself. I feel strong.