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8+ Foods That Are Good For Your Gut And Brain

While it’s obvious that your brain and your gut share the same body, these two unique parts of you share a special bond. Have you ever experienced having a feeling “in the pit of your stomach?” Your brain health and your gut health are connected in ways that may not be immediately apparent, but these connections undeniably exist regardless. Let’s explore some of the ways you can optimize your brain and gut health by choosing the right foods for your diet.

Are the Gut and the Brain Really Connected?

Part of the BODY DIVINE program is understanding the intrinsic link between what you eat and how those foods affect all parts of your body, including your brain and your gut. Your body contains literally trillions of nerves, but one in particular, called the vagus nerve, is one of the biggest nerves that sends communications between your brain and your gut. Reduced function of this nerve has been linked to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and Crohn’s disease. So it’s not your imagination — your brain and your gut are linked!

Foods That Benefit the Gut and Brain Connection

Improving the communication between your brain and your gut begins with incorporating the right types of foods into your nutrition plan. Microbes in the gut create chemicals used by the brain, as well as help your body manage inflammation and your immune system. This is one of BODY DIVINE’S specialties, and we’ve helped people from all over the Chicago area manage chronic illness, weight loss, lose fat, and improve their overall nutrition. Here are just a few examples of different foods that strengthen the bond between the gut and the brain.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

This is one of the big ones that you may have heard of before — Omega-3 fatty acids, or sometimes simply called “Omega-3s.” These fats are found in large quantities in the human brain and may help reduce the risk of developing certain brain disorders. You can find Omega-3s in many types of oily fish.

Fermented Foods

Foods that undergo the fermentation process become what they are through the work of living healthy bacteria and healthy microbes. Foods such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, and cheese all contain microbes that can benefit your brain activity. These healthy bacteria, called probiotics, can have profound benefits for your brain and gut health, including aiding digestion and reducing feelings of stress and anxiety.

Foods High in Fiber

There’s another type of food that is good for healthy gut bacteria — prebiotics. These are foods that are rich in fiber, like whole grains, nuts, seeds, and a variety of fruits and vegetables. Some studies suggest that fiber-rich foods can reduce stress hormones! That’s a win-win.

Foods Rich in Polyphenol

Polyphenol is a plant chemical that may increase healthy gut bacteria and improve cognitive function. The good news is that you may already be consuming polyphenol and not even know it! This beneficial chemical is found in cocoa, green tea, olive oil, and coffee.

Foods Rich in Tryptophan

Did you know there might be a chemical reason that is part of why you feel so happy and content after a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving? Foods rich in tryptophan, like turkey, are an amino acid that is converted by your brain into a neurotransmitter called serotonin. Serotonin helps your brain regulate mood, happiness, and feelings of anxiety. Low levels are often linked to depression and low energy levels.

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